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Parents/Guardians: Please come join us to our back to school night October 5, 2017. The morning session will start At 9AM and the evening session will start at 5PM
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                                                      Education Philosophy

                                            Every child learns, "one day at a time."

                                            Every child improves, "one day at a time."

                                            Every child excels,"one day at a time."

                                            Every child succeeds, "one day at a time."

                                             Wherever there is an “i,” there is a “1.”

                                      Find the scaffold, and rest it against a tower.
                                    Heighten the elevation, and rise it to the zenith.
                             Set the child at the base, and cock his/her head to the tip.
                          Inch him/her up to the leveling step, and watch him/her ascend.
                                          When the " 1 " is set, the " i" increases.

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